We get the leaders we deserve

Around the hype of election (pilkada)*, the loudest and most noisy campaign before election is Jakarta. Ahok is on the very spotlight, the only non-moslem incumbent among 3 incumbents. This is a difficult situation for Ahok to convince people in Jakarta to elect him since they are mostly moslem. Moreover many of them believe that they should not elect non-moslem incumbent to be their governor.


In short, many controversies, black campaigns, etc.

I am not Jakarta citizen and have not any rights to join the election. I wish the best for the next governor to cope all of the problems in Jakarta. I wish the elected governor would make Jakarta better and better.

Do I have to care though I am not the Jakarta citizen? Yes. Since I mostly go to Jakarta, either work or meet some friends. I use TransJakarta and Commuter Line so much, mostly its transportation infrastructure. I hope it gets better, at least not worse.

I also wish the best for other election area in Indonesia. Wishing they would get the best leader among incumbents. Wishing people joining the election to choose their leader they deserve. Good luck!

*Pilkada : Pemilihan Kepala Daerah