Force Majeure Bolt

No, it is not Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the world. It is an Indonesia internet provider who claims it has really fast speed of internet like Usain Bolt. They have big problems today (19 February 2017), mostly happened to post-paid users.

This story came when Bolt system failed to perform auto-debet users bank account and then users service are suspended. Temporarily suspended to be exact, since billing were not paid after several days (3 days? 1 week?). Well, auto debet is performed by system automatically, no human intervention. Moreover usually user prefer to use auto debet to accumulate all of their billings (including Bolt billing) to their credit card billing date. So user would be able to pay all at once, not need to pay one by one.

When I saw No Service on my modem, I immediately restarted the device. It did not work. I checked my remaining quota using Bolt app on Android, well it was available. So? I realised that my billing due date was 16 February 2017 and it had not been paid yet. Wait! Is this it?

I tweeted to complain then searched ‘boltcare‘ as keyword on twitter and I found many people have the same problem. By reading some of conversations between users and Boltcare twitter admin, I got the point that it is not a service outage. But I have to pay the billing. How? I went to Bolt page and pay the billing manually.

I hope that this would not happened again later and we could have some compensations by any of this problems. Bonus 10 GB is okay thou. Haha.

Critical Event

You may think that it is excessive when I call it force majeure (big trouble). Well, internet is not really important for me since I mostly using it as entertainment and light productivity. It could be a disaster when people using it for work. I know it is Sunday but we never know that maybe people using the internet to finish the presentation before Monday or somewhat like that. Internet reliability is really important when people live or make a living on the service.

One reason I chose Bolt over other services, its plan would not separated within hours in day. I able to use all quota all day, no limited only night or certain hours. Also I think it was the cheapest plan among competition (at the time). It was.

Any other reliable service that has good (worth) offering of data plan other than Bolt? Not smartfren please! :D


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