Gresik Culinary Guide

Everytime I come home to visit my parent and my big family, I never miss to eat food that only available there.  Actually many of them but in limited time, I share you some. Hopefully I could add more food later.


Bali Semur

I find this special menu on the store near to my home. The price is very cheap, under 10K IDR and I am full already. Haha.

Pecel Bali

Similar menu but with pecel. I should not miss this menu since I eat this when I was elementary school. I can vividly remember eating this every single day before going to school as breakfast and after school as lunch. My mom said, “Don’t you get bored eat this menu every day?”. I don’t know, I love this food.



Nasi Krawu

This is very special menu in Gresik and I think Nasi Krawu Buk Tiban is the best afterall. I always go to there and dine in there. Taste is very good and also I could say cheap for many meats provided in the food. I tried the same menu in Bu Kris and disappointed. Any other store that provide the same menu in Jakarta? I would like to try.


Nasi Bebek

In my childhood, if my family is going to eat this, it is a luxury, usually as dinner and we share one or two serving size for all of us. Now it is still going to be my favourite menu when I come home.

One more…



This one is very easy to be expired. I bought many of them but when I was going to bring them to office, they were all expired. I do not know what contains them, you might search in Google what is it about. Haha.