Buy Mandiri e-money, Not BCA Flazz

There are at least 3 reasons on why you should pick Mandiri e-money instead of BCA Flazz. It could be more and more if BCA is not changing for years (like their internet banking).

More Accessible

You can get Mandiri e-money from Indomaret, popular convenience store. I heard that Alfamart also sell BCA Flazz. You could try to find them in other convenience stores such as Lawson, Seven Eleven, Circle K, etc.

It is true that you could buy the prepaid card using a machine that you can find in big branch or digital branch. I tried in Bintaro XChange and Summarecon Mall Serpong, both are broken. Thanks BCA. What’s the point of sophisticated technology when it is not usable.

Surprise surprise! You can top up Mandiri e-money using internet banking or mobile banking. Easy peasy. Well you can top up both via convenience store too. But the cashier often requires your debit card instead of using cash.

Better Design

See the difference. Mandiri e-money has more fascinating card design than BCA Flazz. It does not mean that I dislike Scooby Doo, but well, it is personal reference. (Sorry Scooby Doo)

I have problem also with the chip. Out of nowhere, suddenly it is torn and becomes unusable. Unfortunately I could not recover the available balance. On the other hand, I do not have any problems with Mandiri e-money. Should I mention here the company / vendor who produce BCA prepaid card?



More cheaper

I could not believe that BCA charges customer 50k IDR to buy only the prepaid card. So much more expensive than Mandiri e-money. While we can buy Mandiri e-money card only a half of BCA Flazz. Considering I buy Mandiri prepaid card on merchant and I buy BCA prepaid card on their machine. If it was otherwise, I could tolerate the price.

Cashless society? Good luck!


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