The Goods Supply

I asked the recommended menu and I tried the “Coffee Rubbed Burger”. At first glance, “What? Coffee in burger?”. Apparently the taste is not that strange as I imagined, it is very good, at least for me. The bun also is soooo soft, I love it. You should try!

Store is recently opened last month (March 2017) and actually I did not intend to visit this new thing. I just needed a place to sit and work. Bam! I found the store.

Located in Bintaro XChange, near to main lobby, the same floor with J.Co and above the Starbucks, you can find this store easily. The concept is very unique, in Bintaro XChange, the store does not only sell food and beverages, but also clothing (or otherwise?).

Besides, you also can find the store in Summarecon Mall Serpong and plan to open in Supermal Karawaci.


Food: ★★★★★ (very great)

Place:★★★★★ (easy to find and ambience also very good)

Price: ★★★★☆ (a bit premium, but well spent)



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