Routine: Coffee & Eatery

Terrific coffee shop, I could say, in terms of place.

You want another version of coffee burger other than made by The Goods Supply? Find it on Routine. Price are both similar but I do like coffee burger from The Goods Supply more. I do not recommend you to try it here.

Bolt signal is a bit weak here, if this is one of your concerns. Maybe it will change later or my seat (under television non smoking room) is a point where is the weakest signal of Bolt. No no no, I would not use free WiFi from the café, you might ask the password if there is still any.

Power outlets are many if your seat is close to the wall. There are smoking room and non smoking room. Considering there is a projector, I think we could hold a public event here.

What’s Special?

You could reserve your seats. Not sure the terms and conditions applied. Also good promo for your birthday and lunch happy hour. But hey, there is also special promo using Telkomsel t-cash.




Food: ★★★★☆ (good but not great)

Place:★★★★★ (I would like to give an extra star here but I dislike the parking lot)

Price: ★★★★☆ (just okay)

More info

Jalan Wahid Hasyim Blok FG14 no. 42 1st Floor
+621 748 700 84

Instagram: @routinecoffeeneatery



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