Spotify Premium

Around a year ago, I refused to subscribe the premium service. Now I have stayed as premium user for months since Spotify offered IDR5K per month for 3 months. After the offering ended, I did not cancel the subscription, why?

Pssst.. I have created a playlist ‘Mbrebes Mili‘ mainly sad theme songs. Want to contribute?

It is simply Spotify is the best music streaming service I ever enjoy via mobile and desktop. I have tried LangitMusik, Melon, Rdio, Guvera, etc. Each of them has their weaknesses. But Spotify has offering AI powered weekly playlist called Discover Weekly and large music catalog in good quality.

I do not want them to suffer and then ending the service. I want to support them and make them to stay in good cash flow. Currently they have 50 million subscribers but they are still unprofitable yet.

I expect that the appearance of Spotify in Indonesia will decrease of illegal download. Data is getting cheaper and faster (mostly in big city, though). Spotify has provided access into great large music catalog that we could listen anytime and everywhere.

Stay as freemium

It is okay. People has priorities and probably some of them think that using the best experience of premium is not really important, exactly what I thought a year ago. But then losing Spotify will hurt my experience of enjoying great music and discovering them! There are some alternatives but they are not as good as Spotify.

Through Spotify I could listen the hits single by Armada titled Asal Kau Bahagia. Also newest album of Raisa titled Handmade (it made me purchasing the physical CD) and also Bruno Mars titled 24K Magic. Also listening the old albums from Muse and Greenday, so nostalgic. For sure, many many more of your favourite music and band available in their database.

Recently, I like Bruno Mars song titled Too Good To Say Goodbye