Stacked Parking System

Last week, park and ride facility was launched on Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, enough for 600 cars. It is located near to TransJakarta shelter, so it is expected people will park their car and continue the trip using TransJakarta. I was a bit surprised government only provide an empty land, no building or even parking gate. You may see the news on official government website (or english news website).

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It is a great idea to decrease the traffic jam on major arterial road. It also encourages people to use TransJakarta as public transportation to the office. Considering it costs only IDR5K per day, it is much more cheaper than parking the vehicles on the office building (IDR5K per hour?). It is a different story if their office pay the parking fees.

In summary, actually people need such facility to ride from home to nearest public transportation, either bus shelter or train station. Then parking their vehicle into the facility and continue the trip using public transportation. Unfortunately, now only train station provide the parking facility, though some station need larger area to accommodate many vehicles. And I hope they making it cheaper in the future.

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Mission Impossible

Have you watched Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)? If yes, you may play the video. If no, I hope you have not played the video yet and also I hope that my explanation below would not give you any spoiler. Well, maybe yes, so please skip the video and also one following passage.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The film scene is located on Dubai (but it is not real) and it shows Bond chase the villain in the stacked parking system. [SPOILER END!] You may see the sophisticated technology used on the city to facilitate car parking system. On the same area that could accommodate only 20 cars, this building able to serve up to 400 cars. What an awesome technology to use the land in most efficient way.

It is working automatically to bring up the car and also retrieving the car. The driver would wait on the pick up point and pay the service. Well, people still need to wait when retrieving and getting into the car but it is only less than 2 minutes (fastest record). Also no more ‘Where is my car?’ moment or taking long time to find available parking spot in the area.

The first time I saw such thing is in Casey Neistat video which located on New York. Well, it is less sophisticated stack parking system (a bit manual and longer to retrieve the car) but it is still the same concept. In his video, he sometimes pick his car on a place where I think parking area as a public car garage. He need to go to the parking area whether using his electric skateboard or taxi, then ride back to his home to pick his family. In the video, 4-5 cars parked vertically, that would only enough for 1 car on the same area. [More details]

Stacked above or under ground

I think Jakarta government is trying to get people first impression of park and ride facility. They want to know the reaction whether people are interested to use the facility. I hope they will make it better and also implement stacked parking system to save the space. I don’t understand why no one use this solution yet, perhaps no vendors available in Indonesia to offer such solution (or underground stacked parking system).

Other big cities are also need this facility, especially Jabodetabek (city around Jakarta). Government need to team up with other institutions to create other park and ride near to public transportation points. This is the facility that people actually need to use public transportation, instead of limiting private transportation access into the major arterial road. Such as 3 in 1, Ganjil Genap, or even prohibit motorcycle to enter some area.

I am pretty sure Jakarta would learn to be better becoming a great smart city, especially on smart transportation aspect.