Otospector: no more worries when buying used car

Not financially though, but they will help you to inspect the condition of used car. Especially for people who do not understand cars detail. Good one!


They have 150+ points to be checked over the used car. Comprehensive enough? Check the details. More importantly relatively affordable!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 21.08.28

After you placing order, their staff would come to the agreed place and time. Then they will send you the inspection result in 24 hours, online. Some notes, they can not serve on weekend, except Saturday with appointment.

More questions, dig their FAQ! Though some links are not updated to the correct url.



One thought on “Otospector: no more worries when buying used car

  1. Terima kasih sudah memposting tentang Otospector di website nya.. Broken links di halaman FAQs sudah diperbaiki :)


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