The future: Elon Musk

Elon is hyper aggressive optimistic person, “He will pick the most aggressive time schedule imaginable assuming everything goes right, and then accelerate it by assuming that everyone can work harder”, said by one of his employee.

If you have not watched Elon Musk interview in TED, go watch it now! (or below video on YouTube) 40 minutes long but I bet it is worth it to watch and you will be amazed such super extra ordinary person exist in the world.

Here is his another TED interview in 2013, consistently talking his grand vision of building the future.

Elon Musk mentality

I admired his thinking and mentality to keep optimistic and giving the best effort to build what he want. Elon is not only pushing other people, he is also pushing himself by working 80-100 hours every week. While hard work is not the only key of success, he is trying to be better by making his activities manageable and seeking feedback to be better. His SpaceX success is not pure success but also had some failures in early stages. But his wisdom and leadership have wiped out all of doubts and disappointments of all his employees and bringing back the energy to the company.

He also released Tesla patent to the public which becomes open source and can be used by other companies who also developed electric vehicle. Some said that Elon want to increase the public trust of Tesla which produce the electric vehicle. By having other companies which using the same method or technique, it proves that it is viable and desirable to develop such thing. It will also accelerate the growth of electric vehicle which support the vision of Tesla related to sustainable energy. It also shapes more focus of the company on building better product than patent infringements by other companies.

Taken from Natgeo
Elon Musk and SpaceX [NatGeo]

Living on Mars in 2020

Just imagine the companies he has built today. SpaceX as business of interplanetary transport for human from earth-mars and vice versa, using the reused rocket. Non-fossil energy to empower life on Mars using solar-roof and powerpack. Then Tesla as electric vehicle and its toll using Tunnel system which is recent Musk idea to boring the underground city. Also making the hyperloop as the train on Mars. What a vision!

Sustainable energy

I have been inspired to use renewable energy to support sustainable energy movement. I have not used any of them yet but I plan to. I hope in a few years, electric vehicles would be more affordable and easier accessibility than gasoline-powered vehicle. It means good infrastructure for charging electric vehicle everywhere and everytime you go. Supercharger everywhere to full charge your electric vehicle in 30 minutes.

I also hope to install solar cell on the top of my house. I have searched some information, there are some vendors who offer solar cell service in Indonesia. It seems complicated to install them since I have to install some other stuffs and constantly manage the technical things related to electricity, which I do not understand at all.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 16.16.50

There are also some electric motor cycles on the road by now. I often see them really small and a bit fragile, compared to normal motor cycle. Priced at IDR5M-8M per piece, I think it is good price. But hey, recently PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has launched Honda Rebel 500. Let’s see the progress.

Why does Indonesia not work with Tesla on building PLN megaproject (35K megawatt)? I know, rhetorical question

Infographic 35K MW Indonesia
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