Bruno Mars: 24K Magic

I like the whole album songs. Mostly have explicit lyrics so just beware. Which one you like the most? Mine is “Too Good To Say Goodbye”.

The first time I knew Bruno Mars song was Just The Way You Are. I did not listen but I knew it sine it had been the part of my love life story which coming down right away. Thank God it was ended anyway.

Then I heard Treasure which was covered by Maudy Ayunda in Music Everywhere NET. It was so good hence it was no surprised that I was accidentally dancing all along. Who would resist not to dance on such a song?

Recently I found ZerosiX who were covering 24K Magic at the time. They were known as a constantly high performance along the program. I still had no interest at all, I mean yeah, just okay.


Until I heard Too Good To Say Goodbye. A good piece of song in the album. Then I streamed the album in Spotify and was listening all of them. They are good, very good, including That’s What I Like.

It is not only good in recording. Bruno Mars kicked out the ass on live performance. Watch them on Carpool Karaoke, American Music Awards, Brits Awards, and also Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (NSFW). I also admit that Bruno has good taste on dance. Ha!