Trafi and KRL Access

If you are visiting Jakarta for meeting, working, or getting around using public transportation. Both apps are the must-have to help you while in Jakarta. While Trafi is for bus/car/train public transportation and KRL Access is only for commuter line (train). Believe me you need them, also they are free!


Why must-have?

They are not only useful for people who are firstly come into Jakarta but also very useful for people who have day to day activities in jakarta. Basically it solves some problems of public transportation in Jakarta.

  • Both will help you to figure out which type of vehicles you need to take the ride from and to your destination.
  • Trafi will inform you the nearest shelter on the route you want to pick.
  • Only for commuter line (in KRL Access and Trafi) and TransJakarta (in Trafi), you are able to track the vehicle in real time (with time estimation!)
  • So you can decide the alternatives (Go-Jek? Uber?) if the vehicle is too far away or taking longer time that you have estimate.
  • While KRL Access is the official app from PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek, Trafi is actually third party developer which currently becomes official partner with Jakarta government to support SmartCity program.



Go download them now!


Trafi [Android] [iOS]


KRL Access [Android] [iOS]