Cash withdrawal without ATM card

Turns out BCA is not the first Indonesia bank who has implemented the technology, it is Bank Permata, but who cares? We have learned that being the first does not mean it would be the brightest one. It does not matter who is doing it first but who is doing it right. Someone would copy your idea soon or later, and it means good, your idea is validated. That’s the exact reason why Elon Musk released the patent of Tesla electric vehicle.

Bank BCA (2017)

Bank Permata (2011)

Being a pioneer

The most important thing is not only being the first but also the best. Being a pioneer is nothing if it does not give any benefit of growth. It is just a temporary proud instead of permanent tool to future success. Being able to innovate is a chance to improve the process becomes better and efficient. Innovation should come to solve customer’s everyday problems, not creating another problem.

We could take an example of ATM in Indonesia, Bank Niaga (currently named CIMB Niaga) is the pioneer of the technology. But currently the technology is massively implemented by BRI, Mandiri, BCA, and BNI. The impact is customer would prefer become those banks since they found the bank ATM more frequently than other banks. It makes them easier to do cash withdrawal and/or perform other transactions.

CIMB Niaga has good solution to leverage other bank ATM devices by launching product called ON Account. You are able to do cash withdrawal using any ATMs for free of charge (within certain ATM network such as ATM Bersama and ATM Prima). Well, I think ON Account is an underrated product since the bank is not massively promoting it.

It does not matter who is doing it first but who is doing it right

I am not an Android fanboy but an example how Apple implements the technology and world praise it as “innovation”.

Or when Xiaomi is completely stealing MacBook Air by launching Mi Notebook Air.


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