Mi Band 2

I was interested to buy the device to track my sleep and identify my heart rate. But it does not work well as I expected. I am not wearing this tool all the time. I am not buying this to track my activities such as walking, running, cycling, etc. Since I already have a watch on my wrist and my phone also can track those activities.

What I like

  • It is really really cheap, compared to other tools that have similar function
  • It tracks my sleep
  • It is able to identify my heart rate
  • Compared to its previous version, it has small OLED display which you can customise using the Mi Fit app
  • Mi Fit app  is compatible with non-Xiaomi device (other Android phone, even iOS)
  • It can be a so effective and not-noisy alarm by using vibration
  • It is IP67 for dust and water resistance (no, do not use it while swimming, snorkeling, even diving)

What’s wrong?

  • I leave it on the table but it is already tracking my sleep, hence I doubt the accuracy
  • It does not track my sleep at noon. It only tracks your sleep at night. I am not sure what range of time this tool will track your sleep.
  • It is hard to see under bright sun (well, true that!)
  • A review mentioned that it gives inconsistent heart rate

Should you buy? No!

If you are a serious athlete, buy another one instead. There are some alternatives for your serious tracking such as FitBit HR. But if you are buying it for fun or lifestyle, it is your call.


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