Richeese Factory (Level 5)

Once is enough! LOL. I was being curious for long long time until I could not hold it anymore. You might dare to try but please beware. Please seriously follow below tips & tricks thru eating the level 5.

P9500083 copy

Tips n Tricks

  • Dare to try if you are spicy lover and able to bear the spicy food
  • If you are not, I recommend you to try the level 0 (it might not be available in the menu, but you might ask)
  • Steady and slowly eat the food, this is a marathon, not a sprint
  • Do not early underestimate the spicy (evenmore being so arrogant)
  • The spicy comes not in an instant like you eat in Waroeng SS, it comes slowly to burn your mouth and shrink your chest
  • Do not drink the ice, better just don’t! (I only drank when I hardly belching)
  • I never drink the mineral water, perhaps it is better than ice


Note that I did not visit this exact restaurant, you might search on your Google Maps or Zomato. I recommend to visit Kalibata as I heard it has the most spicy among all restaurants.


Food: ★★★★★ (So good, the cheese is also good either)

Place:★★★★★ (Depends on the location but large enough in average)

Price: ★★★★★ (I think it offers good experience on such price)


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