Nasgor Something

Fried rice is the main offering here but you can also pick pizza or chicken noodle (mie ayam) for your order.


What’s different?

  • You may pick which color of the rice you want to eat. There are red rice, black, yellow, green, and brown. You should mix the topping first to get the final color.
  • You can customise topping on your nasgor (nasi goreng / fried rice). Yes you may pick any topping including mushroom, meatball, egg, even mozarella cheese.
  • It is served on hot plate so you could eat the warmest rice for sometime

But I think it is not that good compared to Nasi Goreng Mafia. It has richer taste and it is really fried! You may try Nasgor Something but I do not recommend as I do for Nasgor Mafia.

The place is a bit large, it has 2 floors. And also it offered live music when I was dining there. The service is also good, fast, and friendly. It is good for groups



Food: ★★★☆☆ (It is not something spectacular or different, it is not even fried?)

Place:★★★★☆ (Strategic location and parking is just enough)

Price: ★★★★☆ (Compared to its competitor, this is not worth it to try)


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