I am (almost being) involved in a fraud

Beware to all sellers on the internet! Especially for seller who are still using transfer receipt as proof that buyer already paid the bill. We should be smart when doing business on the internet.

The story began when I set an ad in OLX, known as popular ad marketplace. A few minutes later, I received a text from someone named Bernanto from West Jakarta. I offered to perform Cash On Delivery (COD) in Bintaro but he refused it. He insisted that I just send the ordered package to the address.


After he sent the receipt, I noticed something wrong with it but I ignored as if it was only my prejudice. I immediately checked my account via internet banking. Then I realised something really really wrong, no incoming fund transfer into my account. I have enough financial literacy that when transfer between accounts in the same bank should be appeared immediately.

I inspected the receipt and yes indeed something wrong. I read the instruction to perform withdrawal e-cash that never exist before. Wait!

I called Mandiri Call Center (14000) and asked how to proof the receipt is not fake. They could not help or give any useful information, as usual. They only instructed me to check the updated balance periodically.


Then I sent a tweet to @mandiricare and they confirmed that it was fake receipt. Oh Thank God I had some doubt and not sending the package immediately. I was later on asking how to report such as case but they said it is not fraud case yet since no financial loss occurred.

Some other stories as following [1] [2] or just search.

Hence I wrote this experience and always be careful, guys!


2 thoughts on “I am (almost being) involved in a fraud

  1. mas.. jago juga bias langsung nyadar. kayaknya kalo aku nggak sadar deh… btw kalimat ini “After he sent the receipt, I noticed something wrong with it but I ignored as if it was only my prejudice.” notice something wrong nya notice apa mas?


    1. Alhamdulillah walaupun puasa tetep biaa fokus. #BukanAdaAqua

      Resinya asa aneh aja di bagian bawah. Kenapa ada ecash segala. Tapi mungkin aja cuman perasaan doang soalnya gak merhatiin banget juga sih resi abis transfer tuh gimana.


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