Quit Social Media

Taken by Wesson Wang https://unsplash.com/collections/165911/digital-marketing?photo=y0_vFxOHayg

Today I am marking my 1 month quitting Path and Instagram. It feels great, nothing less. This is not something new for me. I already quit Facebook a few years ago, I think it is about 6-7 years now.


  • It is just simply addictive and constantly ruining my concentration when I am doing my thing
  • It also wastes my time when I could do something else that more productive than just staring on my phone seeing other people’s life
  • And also it consumes my data package so much, imagine both of them (IG and Path) display more of images and videos. I think I could save some gigabytes for not opening them.
  • Lastly, I’d rather to avoid hateful posting or abusive contents in my timeline

Social media is just another drug in internet era


If you are seeing my post about this in Path, it is actually not me posting it. But WordPress crosspost feature to my Path account. So I am not logging in into Path, I wrote this in WordPress and posted the summary to all of my social media without logging in into the social media itself.

Do I feel alone? No.

Do I feel behind? No.

But I do not necessarily leaving the digital world. I can leave Facebook, also Instagram and Path easily, but not for Twitter and YouTube. I have tried to completely off but I can not resist since the platform is unique and different with Facebook, Instagram, and Path.

So I decide to maintain or control my engaged time with it. I mean not using it when I work or when I can do something else better. I will only use it when I am waiting for the bus, train, boarding airplane, or queueing on supermarket cashier.

Why you should quit too

Everyone will have different perspective and need about social media. Some of you are not accessing twitter again since no one of your friends using it again. Applied to your social media you are using right now, too. You just need at least a reason to quit them, to not use them.

Maybe you also have similar why with me or you may share one of perspectives with Cal Newport, a man without social media.


Anything to be shared? Leave them below...

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