I found this game when I was searching mobile game for my niece. But then I thought it was too complicated for him (he is 4 years old btw). So I play it by myself and I find it addictive (note that I am not a train addict person). I like the game more since it has no annoying ads when playing the game. Yeay!

What is TrainStation?

It is a levelling game that using train activities as the main gameplay. We need to manage the stations including locomotives, wagons, rails, and so on. After running a complete route, player get the money or material based on wagon type on the train. By using the money and materials, we can purchase more powerful locomotives, more types of wagons, more rails, and so on.

How to play TrainStation?

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Locomotives and Wagons type

It is clear that more powerful locomotives able to ride more wagons and less tax charged when departing the train.

Wagons types are material wagons, passenger or mail wagons, and XP wagons. If we select material wagons, we will get more material. If we select passenger or mail wagon, we will get more money. Pay attention to amount of mails and passengers in the station. If none of them are available, it does not mean we will get money by running the wagon. So does XP wagons, we will get more XP to get we level up.

Passengers and mails

Do not worry if passengers and mails seem too much. It does not affect our score or anything. I thought it would affect my performance hence I was trying yo make it as small as possible. Turned out I was wrong and could not gain more money afterwards.


Beside money, we will also have Gems as another ‘currency’ in the game. Gems is somewhat powerful to purchase exclusive items (locomotives, wagons, decorations, etc) and speed the train to complete route faster. I think this is the only way for developer get the money from the game since there are no ads displayed.

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Local Trains

On Trains Manager menu, we will find rails slot for local trains. Build the complete train by selecting the most powerful locomotives and wagons type we want to gain after completing the route. The more powerful locomotives and wagons, also longer time are required to complete the route, the more material or money to get afterwards.

International Trains

This route is different with local trains route and it is used to depart train or distribute material based on the contracts in the game. Time to complete the route is already defined in the contract, usually in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and so on. Different to local train route which we can define the time by ourself. After completing the route, we will get reward s based on the contract.

Train Depot

It is just the place to save our assembled train but not running yet. Usually I use it for saving the complete set of the train and not disassembling it after complete. So far, it is not that important to upgrade the slot or so ever.


After reaching some goals, we will get reward based on the goals description. I personally do not bother much about the goals. But perhaps some gamers do.


Tips n Tricks on TrainStations

Random train passing by

Play it continuously on screen, not only when departing the trains and picking up the material or money after trains are arrived. Sometimes one or two trains will be passing through our station and we can pick up the material and money for free!

Bonus time

Keep watching the Bonus time after sometime departing the train. We can monitor the remaining time to pick the bonus on the Local Trains menu. Not that much but bonus the way it is.

Riding the train

We also able to gain more material and XP by riding the train. Go to local trains and click the play button on departed train then click Train Ride. While on the screen, tap the material and XP to gain them. More XP gained, we will have a chance to get green Whistle.

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Green whistle

Tap the whistle to call a train passing the station. By that, we can get some materials and money on the train. We can get the whistle by riding the local train or randomly acquired on the train passing by.


In sometime we find mails are not available anymore. Actually we could get the mail from big icon mail (usually 400-500 mails included). We could also get the mail from small flying mail (usually 80-100 mails included).


Tap the friends icon and sometime we abel to collect some mails and materials.


Upgrading era (steam to diesel and so on)

I find it difficult to figure out how to upgrade steam era to diesel era (Dieselisation).I thought that it would happened automatically. Turned out I have to acquire to 5000 diesel and upgrade them on the extension menu. By upgrading the era, we will able to purchase diesel locomotives.

Pick the strategy and be focus!

This is the most important when playing the game. By not having the good strategy, we will have difficulties on reaching something, perhaps purchasing some locomotives, wagons, additional rails slot, and so on.

Pick certain goal on what to purchase or build then assemble the locomotive and wagons to acquire the material and focus on it. For example, now I am focusing on acquiring woods, nails, and glasses to build 3rd rail. Perhaps after that, I will be focusing on woods, nails, bricks, and steels (no more glasses) to build slot for international train. For sure, I also acquire more money concurrently.

Play it!

Available on Android, iOS, and Facebook. Also like their Facebook fanpage to get updates about free stuffs such as Gems!