YouTube Channel: Pilots!

These channels are must follow channel for anyone who are interested to aviation world. Including me, who was a wanna be airplane pilot since 2nd year of college. I had no idea how it came to my mind, especially when I was already in college.

I could recall sometime ago, I went to an exhibition at Gandaria City and I found flight simulator (and certification?) there. I was so excited! But then became less after looking the price. I was not interested anymore.


Captain Joe

Anyway go watch, like, and subscribe his channel on YouTube. I found two most interesting topic in his channel, being a pilot. He shared the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a pilot. I never thought it before, good perspective!


Dutch Pilot Girl

This is also an awesome channel to know more about aviation world. She shared stories how she could enter the world and her journey to be a pilot. She does not have a rich family or whatsoever (she got a loan to fund her school) and being a pilot did not cross her mind until her grandfather said so.

Second that! I am also thinking what if someone recommended me going to pilot school?


Anything to be shared? Leave them below...

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