Before 30

New year. New age. Let me see what to accomplish before I turn 30.

Taken by Isai Ramos
Taken by @isai21

☑ Attend college

Thank God I have been graduated from Computer Science majoring Information Systems. Studying for 4 years, not early and also not late. Additionally it does not cost any cents from my parents since I got scholarship.

☑ Learn to cook yourself

Well, I able to cook some simple menu for most people but the most complex for me, such as tumis kangkung or pancakes.

☐ Know your family history

Okay. In my to do list.

☐ Run a marathon

I never run in a long route. I tried to run max 5km and it exhaust me so much.

☑ Start a workout routine

I had my workout routine sometime ago. Perhaps I should do it again.

☑ Start saving

Absolutely planning to save more this year.

☒ Improve your wine knowledge

I think I would not do this ever.

☐ Find your BFF

Hey, find friend is a bit easier but I admit that I find it difficult to find “best friend”.

☐ Land your dream job

Well, I know what I want for my job. I could work everywhere with a decent income. But until now I still can not figure out what job that I could afford.

☐ Find your cause

I never understand how to find it.

☑ Rage at music festival

I still attend some music festival in the city, as long as it is free to enter. Lol.

☑ Write a story

I wrote some stories in my main blog. Perhaps I would like to write more to expand my imaginations and knowledge.

☑ Read, read, read

I read some books but I admit that it should be more books that I read this year.

☐ Learn to get organized

Hm, not sure what does it mean

☑ Stop smoking

Full checkmark, I never smoke.

☐ Indulge yourself in luxury at least once

Sure, will do.

☑ Fail

Once, I failed to get her. #stah

☐ Learn how to network

I should be better on this

☑ Sing in public

Well I sang on the stage in an office event.

☑ Travel by yourself

I travelled in Bandung and Jogja by myself.

☐ Familiarize yourself with a foreign language

Will resume my learning on Mandarin language.

☑ Enjoy the outdoors

I hike some mountains sometime ago.

☑ Rent a house with your friends

Yes, I live with them now, in a rented house.

☐ Get lost

Let me think where to get lost.

☐ Go out on dates

Haha. I went on dates before but I should do more to find my best partner.

☒ Pull several all nighters

Hm, I think I will not take this

☑ Get yourself out of debt

Now I am free of debt. Since I have not buy house or car yet. Perhaps later. But if debt here is lifestyle debt, full checkmark, I don’t have it. Always pay the bill. Thank God.

☐ Build your brand

I am still trying but perhaps I am not focused yet what brand that I would like to build.

☑ Move somewhere entirely new

I have moved 4 times and have entirely new friends and environments.

15 of 29 – Done

2 of 29 – Will never do

12 of 29 – Will do and still doing


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  1. Hey kak Yunus. That’s great, you’ve managed to do more than a half of the things on the list 👍
    Good luck for whatever you’d love to accomplish next. :)

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