(IDEA) Floor Plan in VR and Furniture E-Commerce

VR stands for Virtual Reality. Users able to create floor plan using 2D editor. Afterwards, users able to view in 3D through VR. Besides viewing, users able to select available furniture into the floor plan. By term ‘available’ means as long as furniture is able to purchased in the shop.

A few technical things, 2D editor might be web based application or pc based application. To enlarge the coverage, especially VR device, cross platform compatibility is a must. The application might be developed on mobile native app but strongly recommended for viewing only, especially for VR experience. How? By input the reference number in the mobile app. Then mobile device will display the 3D view.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 14.19.34 PM
Credit to floorplanner.com

Benefit of this idea is cross selling the furniture item for customers. This idea is not only benefit the shop but also avoid mismatch measurement for customers. Besides measurement, customer also able to get their most suitable furnitures arrangement. For sure, customer able to discover the budget they might need to spend in order to create the dream home.

The challenges of this idea is the limited furniture catalog may prevent users to revisit the shop or high bounce rate of the first visit. Next challenge is limited VR device available in the market. These issues might be solved by enrich the furniture catalog or provide dummy furniture (which is not available for purchase in the shop) and also provide VR experience using smartphone screen, not necessary VR device.

virtual reality
virtual reality

The possible further development of this idea perhaps enable users to edit in VR experience, not only viewing. This might need some additional VR tool for users able to perform edit. Another development is integrating to third party furniture catalog. Furthermore, providing service to build the property (contractor) or even connecting the customer to get advice from contracted architect.

Actually there is one more development related to this idea. It is facilitating customers who already have existing property, either they want to add some furnitures or doing renovation. In the case of customer only add furnitures, IKEA already offer this service through mobile app. Well, technically it is using Augmented Reality (AR), different concept to VR.

Cashflow? How shop get the revenue and profit from day 1? For sure, by selling the furniture, shop able to get the profit. By integrating to third party furniture catalog, shop able to get the commission. For individual, shop may offer freemium, such as exporting the 3D view of the floor plan, consultation with the architect, and other scheme which might appear in the future.

Providing service for individual is not a dead end, this idea has possibility to offer business institution. Complexity might increase when this idea is growing to a business. Many aspects should be designed to build a scalable product and infrastructure. Not only technical aspects (IT things) but also company structure or organisation.

What do you think? What other challenges might appear and perhaps what other development might be implemented on this idea?