Stop using SMS as 2FA method!

I remember Google Mail (Gmail) was the first website where I need two-step verification to login. I thought that was a very important security layer to access personal email. I am no famous and also it is not financial but imagine losing the email access. Since email is the “backbone” for any services we have in the internet. Facebook requires our email to login, Twitter, Instagram, even Blackberry messenger (sorry what’s that?).

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Stacked Parking System

Last week, park and ride facility was launched on Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, enough for 600 cars. It is located near to TransJakarta shelter, so it is expected people will park their car and continue the trip using TransJakarta. I was a bit surprised government only provide an empty land, no building or even parking gate. You may see the news on official government website (or english news website).

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