Quit Social Media

Taken by Wesson Wang https://unsplash.com/collections/165911/digital-marketing?photo=y0_vFxOHayg

Today I am marking my 1 month quitting Path and Instagram. It feels great, nothing less. This is not something new for me. I already quit Facebook a few years ago, I think it is about 6-7 years now. Why? It is just simply addictive and constantly ruining my concentration when I am doing my … Continue reading Quit Social Media

Rincil’s Cookies and Cake

Made by my friend. My favourite one is Nougat Mede. I never order cookies for Eid Mubarak. But a few weeks ago my friend, Rini, offered me some cookies made my her. I decided to order 4 items to support my friend's business. Also I have tasted her other cookies sometime ago. So win-win solution! … Continue reading Rincil’s Cookies and Cake

Bukber Ramadan 2017

After previous gathering on new year, we celebrated with more guests in the lovely moment. We made the food by ourself, lead by Chef Gilang. Thanks to Mbak May who celebrated her birthday and also being the host. Thanks to all who already came and hopefully we could meet into another moment. See you later!